earth cover final2 frontWhat we call the paranormal could be serving the same purpose. It could be designed to remind us that we don’t sit at the top of the mountain; indeed, that we haven’t even established a base camp yet. The Irish artist Francis Bacon observed that the job of the artist is always to “deepen the mystery.” Perhaps whatever intelligence is behind the paranormal is doing just that. It wants us to look up at the lights in the sky and to think about the mysteries and puzzles around us as a form of artistic expression designed to challenge us and to make us think about who we are, where we have been, and where we are going… I firmly believe we demonstrate our willingness to open ourselves up to possible contact with an advanced non-human intelligence through our actions as much as anything else. After all, if we don’t make the effort to visit an art gallery, or go to a concert or play, we’ll never see or hear what’s been created by the performers and artists. So too, I think, with the “paranormal.” At some level, perhaps even one that we’re not aware of within our subconscious, we must “purchase a ticket” for the show that’s on offer.

In The Other Side of Truth, filmmaker Paul Kimball crosses the Rubicon of the imagination to explore the idea that what we call the ‘paranormal’ is actually a form of artistic expression created by an advanced non-human intelligence to inspire us to think about who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. Using his own journey of discovery as the starting point, Kimball presents the ‘other side of truth’ – the world not as we have been told it is, but as we are being encouraged to imagine that it could become.

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“The Other Side of Truth shatters the bland, sterile image of the ‘paranormal’ foisted upon western society over the past thirty years. While this book won’t give the reader any answers about ghosts, extraterrestrials, or the afterlife, it will inspire them to ask questions about the world and universe around them. Presenting one man’s engrossing journey through the weirdness of our world (and ourselves), Paul Kimball’s book fits nicely on a shelf with Jacques Vallee, William James, and Jack Kerouac.”
– Aaron John Gulyas, author of Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist

“The Other Side of Truth is a fascinating and entertaining examination of the paranormal. UFOs, ghosts, time travel, synchronicities and reincarnation are just some of the subjects covered in this thought-provoking book. Paul Kimball takes readers on a deeply personal journey, examining issues such as philosophy, consciousness, metaphysics and the nature of reality, fleshing out his insightful theories with details of some of his own bizarre experiences. Highly recommended.”
– Nick Pope, author of Open Skies, Closed Minds

“Canadian filmmaker Paul Kimball demonstrates that there is nothing simple about matters such as UFOs, life after death, and synchronicity, and reveals through his own fascinating experiences that the journey in search of the answers can be a deeply satisfying one.”
– Nick Redfern, author of Final Events and The Real Men in Black