Mac Cover front“You there. Reading this. You don’t have to you know. But I have succumbed to the narcotic tentacles of blogging and will be posting a daily mishmash of uncategorical mental rubbish to appease my strange and obscure urges to populate the info-sphere with my creative spoor.”

So begins this first volume of Posthuman Blues, the edited version of the popular weblog maintained by author Mac Tonnies from 2003 until his tragic death in 2009. Tonnies’ blog was a pastiche of his original fiction, reflections on his day-to-day life, trenchant observations of current events, and thoughts on an eclectic range of material that he culled from the Internet. The result was a remarkably broad portrait of a thoughtful man and the complex times in which he lived, rendered with intelligence, imagination, and a wickedly absurdist sense of humor.

“This book has the inventiveness and prose of a novel, but it’s good, honest observation and speculation. From lambasting fakery to closing in on the true paranormal, Mac Tonnies takes us on a wild trip. Tonnies was mysterious, maybe because he always had an eye and ear for the mystery underlying our strange existence.” – John Shirley, author of Gurdjieff: An Introduction to his Life and Ideas and the A Song Called Youth trilogy

Posthuman Blues is of a piece with the Lost Generation of the 1920s and the Beat Generation of the 1950s. Tonnies spoke for his generation with passion, eloquence, and a rare insight.” – A. J. Gulyas, author of Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist

“Mind-stretching!” – Clifford Pickover, Ph.D.

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